Open sky, sharp wind, choppy sea, misty mountains, glittering stars, deep snow, old trees, wet grass, clear rivers, all birds, speckled feathers, scented candles, sweet tea, good books, full moon, pink sunrise, orange sunset, fast horse rides, autumn leaves, dancing fires, messy hair, leather boots, woolen jumpers, garlic, lavender, orange, cinnamon and vanilla.
But most importantly, inner child, friends and love.
  • So this was me at the Doctor Who Convention on Saturday :) (with two friends I found in the Props and Costumes display room).

    The costume was very last minute, and its mainly because of that is why I’m kinda proud of it :)

    Two highlights of my day:

    I turned around and ran straight into Mark Sheppard in the main foyer who was staring at my costume, and he said my costume was brilliant, and then the BBC camera found him, but his agent lady asked me if I could hang around until his interview was finished for a photograph with Mark for the press! And afterward he gave me an autograph!

    Best part was when it was right at the end of the day and me and my friend crashed in a corner by a bathroom and I was going to go wash off my costume but just by luck, we spotted Matt through the glass doors in the VIP room less than 10ft away from us, we peered at him through the glass from a distance and someone in the VIP room pointed at us and said something to him and he turned around and grinned and waved at us peering in at him :D (to which we shamefully had quite the fangirl reaction I’m afraid).

    Then even better, he had a photograph session to go to, so he had to leave the room and walk straight past us so I put my mask on and watched him walk past within a foot of us (no exaggeration, I could’ve poked him, but his bouncers were ushering him along) and he looked straight back at us and my costume as he was passing with this hilarious skeptical smile that clearly said “she’s raving nuts…”

    Matt was shorter than I expected, but very sweet, he wouldn’t keep still in the panel sessions.

    Oh and just before we left, Simon Fisher Becker left the VIP room and walked past us, so I said hi and then shouted “DOCT-TOR WHO” to which he promptly joined in with loudly :)

    Its been a brilliant day <3

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